Sometimes you just need a…..

A Mad Man's Blue Box
Time Machine. There’s never enough time in the day, especially now that I’m a Husband and a Father. Between work and the home life trying to get in all the gaming that I want to is pretty much near impossible. Not that I’m complaining too much.

In fact, I’m an incredibly lucky guy. The Wife let me out on Wednesday nights to run D&D Encounters at Collector’s Corner from 7 to 9pm. In addition to that, I have my usual Friday night D&D group that I’m a player and sometimes GM for. But the thing of it is, it’s not enough. Gaming is a lot like crack, you can’t ever get enough of it.

I love D&D and RPGs but every now and then and now more and more urgently, the miniatures wargamer in me is crying to get out. I have miniatures from the Tau Empire that need painting, an urge to rebuild my old Dark Angels army, not to mention the four different battle boxes of Privateer Press’ Warmachine that want to be played with.

It’s simply too many games for me to try and stay current in. At least be current in and be able to go out in public to play. As much as I would like to go out every night and game, that’s just not doable. Nor is it fair to The Wife and The Kid. The Wife’s already been at home with The Kid all day and I want to spend time with The Kid myself and bond with her.

I need other options. I suppose I could use the Nerd Cave in the basement as my base of operations for miniatures gaming, it’s certainly big enough for two or three tables and a whole mess of gamers. Or I could just accept that I can’t do it, shelve my miniatures for right now and try to dust them off once The Kid gets a bit older.

Decisions, decisions. Gaming Fathers, what’s your take on this. What do you do?


~ by Xer0 on 27 January, 2011.

One Response to “Sometimes you just need a…..”

  1. Cloning Chambers instead of time machine would work so much better for me.

    So, here is my suggestion, as a Dad and Gamer.
    1. Work out a schedule with your wife. It sounds like you have this already.
    2. Convert/Create your man-cave. This is critical as you will no longer be able to get out of the house like you could when you were single. It just does not work anymore.
    3. Try and figure out if you can be comfortable with painting in place of playing. I find I have more painting time than I do playing time. Its only in the last year or so that my kids are old enough I can get out to play more often.

    Basically, keep in mind that you could give your wife a break and spend time with your daughter while your daughter sleeps or plays and you paint. Also, some adjustment to your gaming and bringing the RP/Mini gamers to the house also gives your wife a break and you can multi-task taking care of your daughter and playing. Past that, it just takes your group of gamers to understand your a dad now, so gaming is a really important SECONDARY focus for you. If they understand that, then no issue.

    Think about how often our game had to take a break in the early days so I could take care of something the kids needed.

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