RPGaDay, Day Two – Memorable Gaming


Today, Dear Reader, we are asked: “What is the best game session you have had since August 2015?” In other words, “In the last year, what was your most memorable game?”

Last year, I was hosting a Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League event for Free RPG Day for 2015 and there was this one player, a walk-in who I had never met before and haven’t seen since, at my table who I know had a wonderful time. I mention this player because he played his character to the hilt – as a Water Genasi Cleric, he had a  role-playing hook that his family had been slaughtered by one of the Cults of Elemental Evil and that the PC hated all cultists from that cult. During the course of play, the party had encountered a high-ranking member of the cult, which the Cleric PC had recognized by his clothing as being a part of the Cult that killed his family. “I’m going to kill him!” he said upon seeing this cult leader and looked at me to get the OK to make an attack roll. “Go for it,” I told him, allowing him a surprise round action before going to initiative. *rolls a d20 *

He rolls a natural 20. A Critical Hit.

The Cleric rolls maximum damage and then I call for initiative, where the Cleric is at the top of the round. He rolls his attack again.

He rolls a natural 20. Again. Another Critical Hit. At this point, the  whole table is hooting and hollering, cheering this player on as he rolls max damage. Again. This player single-handedly dropped so much damage on this one NPC it didn’t feel right not to let the player have the win over the NPC. I sat back in my chair, smiled at the player and asked him, “How does the NPC die?”

Everyone at the table loses their mind with the thrill of that quick, brutal round of combat. The excitement at the table was palpable and definitely had an effect on the rest of the game session. I can safely say that everyone at the table had a great time, including me.


~ by Xer0 on 2 August, 2016.

2 Responses to “RPGaDay, Day Two – Memorable Gaming”

  1. Those are great moments. What made that work was that the backstory was already there and available to be used. I had a player try to pull that sort of thing (“My family was killed by the type of monster we’re currently fighting!”) out of nothing, and it just doesn’t have the same impact.

  2. […] seen another PC do at my table harkens back to the Water Genasi Cleric that I spoke of in Day Two‘s post. In addition to playing his pre-generated PC to the hilt based on some rather flimsy […]

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