RPGaDay, Day Four – Impressive PCs


My apologies, Dear Reader, for yesterday’s lack of a post. The dread Ogre Responsibility kept me firmly in its fierce, cruel grasp all day yesterday. To make up for it, a Double Post:

Yesterday we were asked: “What is the most impressive thing that you can remember another player’s character doing in a session?”

As I spend of my table time behind the GM’s screen I’ve seen a lot of player character action, but I think the most memorable thing I’ve seen another PC do at my table harkens back to the Water Genasi Cleric that I spoke of in Day Two‘s post. In addition to playing his pre-generated PC to the hilt based on some rather flimsy RP hooks provided to us by WotC, he was an inventive player. Near the end of the adventure, the PCs needed to channel water and his Cleric had a “Shape Water” cantrip at his disposal. Convenient, right? I thought so too. However, he later put Shape Water to a better use when the party was attacked by a Water Weird, set to guard the doorway to the vault the PCs were trying to breach.

The player turns to me and asks, “Can I use Shape Water to damage the Weird?” “Yes, yes you can,” I say to him. Next thing I know this player is going all Avatar the Last Airbender on this Water Weird with the biggest grin on his face. This is still one of my favorite gaming moments.

~ by Xer0 on 5 August, 2016.

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