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Is a Two-Way Street.

Image Courtesy of Brandon Doran

What’s the best part of playing in a Role Playing Game?  Is it the getting together with friends and having fun on a Friday night?  Is it the collaborative story telling?  Is it the ability to be someone else for a while, doing things you could never do?  Continue reading ‘Trust….’


Painting, my Dreaded Enemy

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Image courtesy of Buckeye Beth

What is it about miniature gaming that drives you up a wall the most?  Is it the rules lawyers?  The cheesy mouthbreathers who only care about winning?  Is it a lack of support for you favorite army? While I do find all of those things to be annoying, none of them match up to what I find to be the most onerous task for a miniatures gamer.  Painting. Continue reading ‘Painting, my Dreaded Enemy’

More Navel Gazing

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Hello loyal Reader,

I must apologize for the lack of posts this past couple of months. Things in my life have been hectic to say the least and by the time I return home from work, my sleep timer starts to tick down to that inevitable end.

I get home, start working on dinner, play with the Kid, maybe watch some TV if I’m lucky and then it’s off to bed to repeat the whole cycle again in the morning.

What galls me the most is I have posts to write, I really do. And I’ll post them at some point, I promise you. And no, I can’t post from work any more. The Powers That Be have made it impossible for WordPress sites to load up on the company network. So, there’s not really a whole lot I can do until I get home, where I become a virtual zombie the minute I walk through the door.

Thank you for being patient and bearing with me. I’ll do better for the future.

Sometimes you just need a…..

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A Mad Man's Blue Box
Time Machine. There’s never enough time in the day, especially now that I’m a Husband and a Father. Between work and the home life trying to get in all the gaming that I want to is pretty much near impossible. Not that I’m complaining too much. Continue reading ‘Sometimes you just need a…..’


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We’ve established by now that I’m a gamer. I love being a gamer. I love where I live. However, these two things don’t always jive with each other. I have my gaming group, a bunch of guys who I can easily and readily call my friends, but it took me a long time and a lot of effort to find these guys, but it was definitely worth it. Still, it shouldn’t have been all that hard to find my group or at least you’d think so. After all, I do live only half an hour away from a major metropolitan area.

Continue reading ‘Un-Conventional’

An Embarrassment of Riches…

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Think of the typical gaming group.   You get a bunch of guys together, on of them is behind the GM screen, the rest are all poring through a vast multitude of books and other RPG paraphernalia.  These positions are set, regardless of the game being played.  The GM is the GM and the players are the players. In my case, not so much. Continue reading ‘An Embarrassment of Riches…’

Oh yeah, I have a blog here!

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Sorry for the lack of posts, dear Reader.  Things have been hectic in my life recently and it’s become rather difficult to put thoughts to paper and actually get them to publish to the blog.

I had hoped to put up a post daily, but I guess I shot in the foot already.  We’ll now return you to your regularly (un)scheduled blogging.